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get error 1 on my lexus stereo, it the one with cassette on bottom and 6 cd onto top

radio and cassette work perfect but as soon as I load a cd it tries reading take about 40 secs then shows error 1

what could this be? what could have caused this? i can load and eject all 6 cds with a problem.

please help meeeeeeeeeeeee

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in my experience mate i wouldnt even bother wasting your money on a cleaning disc the number of custumers that came in saying they had used one to no avail, yet when i repaired the hi-fi/cd player/dvd/ps2..... for them it was only usualy a lens clean needed.

you would be better off investing in some isopropyl(alcohol) and some cotton budds if you dont mind taking the radio apart as the cd is at the top i cant imagine it would be too hard.

if you cant get any isopropyl then i know engineers who have used a little spit in fact my old collegue sweared by it and it did do the job.

just wet the end of the cotton bud and gently rub the surface of the lens it doesnt take a lot. if you can get some aero duster(compressed air in a can) then this can be good to remove dust which is under the lense but you shouldnt need it.

hope this helps


p.s dont use meths as it leaves a residue.

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