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Faulty Fuel...petrol Only Or Petrol & Diesel Both?

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Having read threads from readers over the past few months complaining about poor economy from diesel and particularly relating the issue to fuel purchased from supermarket type outlets... which shall remain unamed.

I'm beginning to wonder if the recent news on faulty petrol sold at such outlets might well have uncovered the fact that diesel may also be found to be of lesser quality than it should be???????...lets ALL watch the breaking news on this one.

:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: ...shock horror!!!

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its a fact in ireland that some diesel is of suspect origin, it is also a fact that the process that this fuel has undergone to 'clean' it can result in left over trace chemicals that can damage the engine, to reduce the effect of these chemicals, parafin is added which reduces the economy significently. this fuel is only available from unfranchised dealers! While there may be a belief that this fuel is only available in one provinence it is available in all four, buyer beware.

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i try to keep away from supermarket fuel, esso or shell does it for me. Seems to be watered down to me

like a pint of fosters at yates.. :)

i noticed the difference between supermarket fuel and ones from main dealers many years ago, when i had my toyota corrolla 92 model and avensis 98 model, supermarket fuel burnt out quicker rather then from esso or shell as it would last much longer and engine sounded better...

just a thought.

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