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Headlight Mod Wip


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With thanks to a few previous threads and the knowledge section of the site I gave this a go this evening, what a royal pain in the arse it is! Just finished one headlight and love how it looks.

Started into one of the foglights and having terrible trouble getting it apart, thought it would be easier than the headlight for some reason!

Heres a couple of pics, I know you have all seen it before but Im quite proud of myself for attempting some DIY!




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Looks ace that pal, exactly what I intend doing in the future. I was contemplating buying the later spec lights, but I thought I would give this ago first and save a few hundred squids. I think I'll be blackening mine though.

Jay, without a doubt it would look great on the colour of yours, not sure about body-coloured though, but definately dark.

Nice work!


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lookin good mate, thinkin of givin it a go on my car but dont know if ive seen it done in the same colour as my car so unsure how it would look.

looks good though!

Hi, did you spray your eyelids yourself or garage sprayed? I have just sent for some my car same colour as yours, wondering where I could get colour match paint to do them myself?

Ta Steve

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