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Trust Turbo Kit

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can i run a standard exhaust system to keep it like a sleeper?cos it says on the trust site ican use the standard cat.

is the e-manage that comes with it already mapped for a turbo altezza?so its just plug and play?


this is all the stuff for the greddy turbo kit and it comes to about 2 g's euro.

TD04H 16T-11.0cm2 P245

■Cast Ex.Manifold ■AIRINX

■e-manage w/data

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I very much doubt that the emanage will be mapped. It will need mapping on your car anyway because each car will be different and you'll need to sort out ignition timing, fueling etc.

IMO its a waste of time fitting the turbo kit if you're keeping the standard exhaust system as you'll be losing so much power. Exhaust systems are pretty much one of the most restrictive parts so you'll have to get a more free flowing one. With this comes the noise but thats the price you have to pay.

What would you rather have?? A faster car or a quiet car??

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There will be a base map on the e-manage if of course it comes part of the kit, which i am sure it does. But never the less you need to map it.

You can keep stock exhaust, but you'll loose a small percentage on the free flow of gas's.. Try HKS Silent Hi-Power for an exhaust, trust me when i say its quiet, it is.

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Yeah Zee's eManage came with a base map for the SXE10, then had it properly mapped at Thor which made a big difference so definitely worth doing!

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