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No Mp3s On Dvds!?!

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I burnt two dvds before I found the part of the manual that said, in terms that should have been made much clearer, that MP3s will only be played from CDs.

Does anyone know why this is?

It's very very annoying.


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Not suprising really. Mp3 is an audio format, cd is an audio only format, dvd is not classed as an audio format, its video.

There is a DVD audio format - DVD-A.

However in either case, CD or DVD, when there are mp3s on there it is not treated as an audio format at all, it's treated as data.

The manual itself says so, since it says that it searches the folders on the discs for files called .mp3.

It certainly would have been possible to allow mp3s on DVDs.

I managed to get a fair my music onto 4 CDs though, with a bit of chopping stuff I probably would have wanted to have avoided anyway.

I do have a question, though, for someone who has used mp3s + CDs:

When you have it in random mode, does it switch between folders?

I currently burned all my mp3s flat, for fear it might not randomise between folders.

I regret this a bit, since I can't find what I want easily enough.

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Not exactly an mp3 query but DVD question-

MM plays shop bought DVD's fine.

On my Panasonic recorder I can burn to DVD-RAM, DVR-R and DVD+R but the MM system doesn't want to read any of them. Any ideas? I am missing something very simple?

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Yes, it actually specifically says that it won't play them.

MM manual page 217.

I didn't notice this myself until I checked for you.

It means that not only wouldn't it paly the mp3s I put on there, but even read the discs!

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I recently contacted alpine about this as nothing was said about mine and my partners stereo's being able to play MP3 files on a DVD disc, they currently have about 4 head units that can play these types of disc, but a tad expensive.

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There must be a way of playing copied disc on the mm, try burning using something like nero and see if it works.

If it doesn't recognize the entire format then there's no chance whatsoever.

I'm not saying this is for sure, but there's a possibility.

The manual isn't absolute about it, so there might be some wiggle room.

The two problems are:

1) It specifically says it won't play mp3s out of anything but CDs

2) It really won't play DVD-As

So the only thing you could want to copy a dvd for is DVD-V.

That could work, but I'm not putting any effort into it - I buy all my dvds.

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Hi there,

I use a piece of software called Audio DVD Creator. It takes your MP3's and can convert them into AC3 at low bitrates i.e. 128 or 192 kbps. I've used both DVD-5's and DVD-9s for doing this. It then compiles them into a video DVD with a static image representing each track giving artist, track name etc and allowing navigation. This gives around the same space saving as MP3.

The limitations of the DVD video format allow for the following. Up to 99 titles (think of them as folders) with up to 100 songs in each title. I tend to put a single album in each title and have compilations of around 90 albums per DVD-9. This gives you the benefit of the extra storage capacity of DVD and the benefits of compressed music also. It can take quite a while to create a DVD based on your MP3s (around 6 hours for a DVD-5) so its usually a leave it running overnight job.

I have successfully burned to DVD-R (traxdata) and DVD+R DL (verbatim) and have not had any problems with the ML not recognising them. Sod the music keg, I have 48 gigs of music in my car right now using standard ML and I won't need to change songs for quite a while.


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Cracking advice, and it's a direction I'd been considering, actually.

You've confirmed also that the ML does recognise DVD+-R

The question is: If it's an video dvd... doesn't that mean you can't see it whilst driving?

How do you choose tracks, etc?


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It definately does recognise some manufacturers of writable DVD media but I could not speak for all of them. Their disclaimer that +/-R is not supported is likely down to them not wanting to get into support issues with certain brands of disk not working etc. I didn't start off with the lowest common denominator i.e. bulkpaq though as I felt if incompatibilities existed they might be present in the cheaper media. Although I have found in some products cheaper works better so I'm not ruling them out :)

You can't see it when you're in motion and you have to rely on the seek function on the system or your steering wheel control to skip tracks. Once all tracks in an album (title) have been skipped it will move onto the next album (title).

Before I set off I usually navigate to the album I want. If I get a long pause at traffic lights I can always jump to something else. Because of this then you can't see what track is playing but I consider that unimportant given the benefits of having so much music.


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On a point of principle, if you read the sales literature “The New Lexus IS”, there’s only one, you know the traditional square brochure from the Lexus centre's, it does clearly state that when you have MM it WILL accept DVD's with MP3 --- if you don’t believe me, just read PP23

“the system can play MP3 and WMA files from a CD or DVD”

This is what I read before I purchased my IS, and this is what I expect it to do…Tell me I’m wrong….! Surely we should be talking to Lexus about this ..and before anyone asks, it is still stated in the new brochures available today...

Any experts on the Trade Descriptions Act!!!

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Even as a non owner I can see this as quite irritating, although I've never seen it in print that it will play mp3s on a DVD - if it is there's a serious potential lawsuit waiting for Lexus........hang on to those brochures!

Only thing I've had experience with is Mercedes Comand, and that plays mp3s on DVD so surely can be easily done (although that is a single disc player so can be argued its the same amount of storage as 6 CDs full of mp3s ;) )

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BTW - for macintosh users, the Toast 8 will do the same - DVD auto disk (even with artwork)


It is funny - but it does take only 40 minutes on my mac pro to burn/convert full DVD-9 disk...

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