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Boot Spoiler


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forgive me for being fussy, but your help is much appreciated, are these cheap import spoilers actually any good? or any other cheap import body parts for that matter?

Jamie this Ebay item may be of interest to you: 140092449257

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Cheers mate, already had that sat in my watching list in case :D

I'm not sure about the quality, I expect some will be better than others and some sellers more reliable than others as well.

TDi sell one here:

Alternatively, you could always purchase one of the standard ones from Lexus, or PM Chris.S for prices and information?


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bit expensive that one actually, i'm only planning on keeping the car til I can afford one much newer, so I only want to spend about £120 including paint and fitting for a decent one, I'm looking for one similar to this, brake light is optional


Also I'm after one of these Grilles:


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Which grille do you currently have mate?

The first spoiler you posted a piccy of is the standard one, as is the grille.


Here's a pic and some prices mate:

Rear Spoiler:



"Rear lip spoilers £120.00"

These parts and prices include VAT but require painting and fitting. They are genuine Lexus parts, contact Chris.S fo further information.


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The grille pictured has three lines of "mesh" across it whereas mine has 4, i've just sold one on ebay which i bought in error which was the same as the one I already have on


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