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Standard MK4's have tyre size 225/60/16 97W (the OEM type being a dunlop SP Sport D8z which only comes in this one size since it was especially developed for the LS400). The alloy is a 5 hole design.

The DHP Cars had 17" alloy wheels (instead of 16") with a 7 or 8 hole design around the rim. I cant remeber the exact tyre size on DHP cars but its sure wider than 225, most probably a 245 from my memory.

As maneesh says DHP cars are lowered and some colour DHP cars (i.e. gold, silver, light green, red) i have noticed have a body coloured front grill. Apart from that no difference.

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If it is of any help my MkIV has the DHP option. The tyre sizes are 245/50R17 and the wheels have 7 spokes. I think that the car sits 10mm lower than standard with stronger springs to comnpensate. The person to ask is Chris Skelton who posts on here occasionally.



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Hi again,

The car has 7 hole 17's and has alot harder ride than my mark2,the ride quality was the main reason for me thinking it was a DHP.

Sounds like a DHP to me, andyman! (I had one too).

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I have a DHP it has 245/50 x 17 tyres and is lowered..also has the colour keyed grill.

Am thinking of switching it to 16 ins wheels cos of ride quality...any views?

I will use 225/60 x 16 tyre wheel set. To get more spring in the sidewall and a smaller rubber footprint for reduced road noise.

Any recommendations as to a supplier?


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