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Creak & Clunk!


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Hi Guyz!! :D

Hope you Guyz are or well and good because im not! :angry:

Ive got a problem with the Lex its the braking every time I do it at slow speeds, when coming to a stop im experiencing a creak followd by a clunk!

:yawn: Now before you start disperse! as I have seen their are alot of members with the same problem and alot of opinions I have seen no remedies!?

Its definitely not the bushes as many have sugested in the previous posts.

All I need is for some one to tell me what the problem is as I have alwayz got sound advice which has alwayz worked from you guyz. :)

Now the sound which is a creak followd by a clunk! happens to come from the front drivers side when braking, gradually got intrusive and its got to a point where you can here the clunk and creaking sounds from inside!!

Has anyone got a defernate cure for this problem??

Please as I cant bare it!!

Thank you

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I've had the same problem, I reckon its the caliper pins, i had them taken off cleaned and some copper grease put on them and the noise stopped. the noise has come back now so I,ve bought new pins from the dealer, it was a bout 35quid for the full set. aint fitted them yet cause i'm in canada on holiday but I thinkin it should remedy it. I'll let you know once I've fitted them prob next week when I get back. :blink:

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I also had this, it went away when i got my new discs and pads fitted, now they have been on the car a while the pads are now starting to make this noise (on slightly) pads obviously need re-greasing in the calipers.

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I had this prob, first i got it all greased up but it came back after 2 days, then i got discs and pads changed and that came back after 2 weeks, i now have a shim kit which will be fitted soon.

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