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Rca Outputs

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Does anyopne have any subs fitted to their is200 with OEM head unit??

i have a couple spare and an amp from my mr2 and the subs would fit snug in my boot, i just want to know in advance if they can be hooked up to the original 6 stacker unit mainly as I dont want to replace it with an aftermarket unit.

if i cant i may have 2x10" hollywood subs and a 600w hollywood amp for sale lol

thanks in advance

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You can fit subs to an OEM system. Hook up your amp to the Battery. Hook up the RMT too the ignition +12v(or you could hook it too the +12v on the amp with an inliine switch)

Then get one of these:

Then connect that too the RCA inputs on the amp!

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If you look in the Knowledge section then theres a step by step guide to fitting RCA outputs to the stock Amp.

Ye but thats a lot messier than using the device above. You take the wires off the woofer part of the speaker, the wires you can see on the bottom of the speaker as you look into the boot. I discussed before, illl have a look fot it.

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right so let me get this straight, i basically wire up my amp to the Battery as you would do, run the cable to the boot where the amp is.

then i use this device to get the output from the rear speakers and run this into the amp as well. then hey presto.

wont i then be running mid and treble through the subs?????? this will make them sound distorted...

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just thinking that if i connected the wires from the woofer part of the rear speakers, that would mean i would lose treble and bass from the rear .. wouldnt this sound awful

just had a look at the wiring for the rears, i cant really tell which wires for the sub part, black or red is the choice??

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