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High Fuel Consumption

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Hey folks. New to all this.

Just bought a second hand 53 Reg IS200 SE with a full service history (although the last service was not carried out by a Lexus dealer). The first thing I noticed was how thirsty the car is- I might as well have a petrol pump welded to the rear of the car for the money I'm pouring into it!

I filled the tank full, reset the trip B odometer and ran it dry, then calculated that I'm currently getting 14mpg!!!!!! (We are talking Lamborghini territory here- but without the performance).

I dont have a heavy foot and have permanently switched off all the acroutements such as air con and heated seats to see if that helps- but not noticably.

Tried pootling around in all the higher gears with low revs, but this thing would still beat Oliver Reed in a drinking contest, hands down!

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comments?

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Sounds similar to what im getting after picking mine up last week.

Im going to try some tesco 99 ron stuff to see if it helps

I'd take it to the local Lexus dealer if I were you, as 14 mpg is abnormal. You haven't by chance noticed a superchager lurking under your bonnet :D ?

The mpg on the 200 isn't brilliant, but I get 24-26 mpg without driving with economy in mind :winky: . Compare that to my IS250 which is heavier, 500 cc bigger, (and quicker by a long way) but returns 27-28 mpg driven in similar fashion.

Something not quite right with your SE if you're only getting 14mpg!

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so 150 miles to half a tank ist great then?

I get 300ish to a full tank, which is pretty poor. I've just replaced the air filter, which appeared to be clogged solid, with a K&N panel filter, so I'm hoping that will help. I've not done any long motorway journeys since I bought mine, so don't know what it does out of town, but certainly in stop-start urban, with a couple of foot-down dual carriageway moments, it's guzzling fuel :unsure:

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You've got serious problems! I get 29 MPG with everything on (air con etc) and putting my foot down!

I know- its insane! Not sure whether to look into buying bits that might make a difference first-

i.e. denso ik20's and replacement air filter

-or take it straight to the Lexus garage (who are likely to charge more for cheaper parts).

I know the used car dealership who sold it to me don't want to know (we never drove it so we don't know, talk to your local lexus dealership, fuel consumption isn't covered by warranty)! I could go down there and threaten physical retribution (feel like it), but then the nice men with big hats might come down and escort me to their local constabulary. Otherwise, it means going through the courts, which I know from other's experiences' is a total waste of time- the dealers come out on top every time. Apart from anything else I don't even know what's wrong with it... I'm rambling. Sorry.

I also know there's a couple of bits I need to try first-

-check tyre pressure

-reset the ECU.

Also, the tracking is off and the car needs a full wheel alignment. Does this have much bearing on fuel consumption?

Oh yeh, by the way... there's no supercharger. It certainly doesn't go like its supercharged. Its positively sluggish compared to the Alfa I just traded in!

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i'm getting 250 - 280 Miles to a full tank. and that was driving slow.

I've drove it like a boy racer and i get the same miles

i would like to know whats the best way to impove the MPG

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i would suggest checking or replacing the air filter and also having a good look at the plugs - u need to remove the airfilter housing for that but its only a few 10mm bolts.

oh and after you reset the ECU dont expect miracle results straight away - after my batery was flat for a few weeks it took about 2 tanks before the economy came back - i once got 180 miles to a full tank!!

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all the filters where changed by lexus in the last service which was only 2,000 miles ago

i've rest the ECU when i got the car

not sure about the spark plugs

i've ordered a K&N filter

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i had the big 60k service including the cambelt in december, also replaced standard plugs with denso ik20s. my fuel consumption also has dropped to 250 miles to the tank, after doing a few searches i ve noted a lot of you have reset the ecu. so i re seted the ecu and so far i have done 200 miles on half a tank, so im hoping to acheieve 400 miles by the time the light comes on. i would try this first, also check air filter housing and sensor is seated correctly.

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i filled up last night with the good stuff from shell

i did 260 miles on the last tank...

how do you check/clean the O2 sensors

your not confusing your manual with an auto are you?

Just thinking if you tried using the rest of the gears you might get better consumption?

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Your joking! I get that out of the 911 when I'm having fun!

My IS200 easily did 30-35mpg, higher on motorway runs, so either somethings wrong or your doing somethign wrong!

Yes- 14mpg! I know its mad. Thats why I posted this on here! I'm getting to the desperate point of thinking I should just sell the car on having only just bought it!

"Something's wrong..."- I would think so, although I paid for a full check from Dekra and they couldn't find any faults but then they dont check the engine bay properly as part of their testing! Others be warned- they only check the basics and you pay through the nose for the privelege!

"Doing something wrong..."? Like what?! Driving it? Maybe I should just leave it sitting outside the house- it would be lower fuel consumption (?!), hmmm...but then how do I get to work??! Thanks for your ever so helpful comments anyway!

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I found changing my spark plugs helped increase mpg by about 5. On our recent trip to Ireland I averaged 36mpg, easily getting 400miles out of a tank. There was about 60 miles of motorway driving the rest was A and B roads, including a few mad/quick moments and a rolling road session.

Best bet would be to take it to your local dealer, just asking them to check it over.

Good luck


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so 150 miles to half a tank ist great then?

Not unless your Kaz! :lol:

I got 360 miles to the last tank and that was bad because I had a seized on caliper! that worked out at 26MPG!

I've just got 300 miles and the needles between 1/2 and 1/4 full.

Spark plugs nee dchanging at 60K and O2 sensors can go. check those first.

PS. 300 miles to a tank should work out at around 20MPG. Is that right?

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probably. Were your miles stop start or motorway miles though as most of mine are stop start traffic miles. Also mine was picked up from a lex dealer who did a full 30,000 mile service on it so all that needed changing and checked should have been

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