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Ah Crap Not Again

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put 2 blue leds in the traction / snow button but was a short so its popped a fuse

think its takin my gauge lamps / heater control lamps 2 but not sure to light to tell

any one no the fuse that is deffo for the traction / snow as ib checked like nearly all the 10/7.5 amp fuses and none r blown so cant see wots gone wrong

thx :)

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just checked the PANEL fuse and even replaced with a new one thats not the problem

my gauge lamps are out my ac/heating lamps are out and so is this traction/snow button and the cig lamp

any one no wot other fuses might of blown ?

out of ideas here :(

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could be completely off the mark, but I had the exact same problem with a BMW when I changed the stereo.

Tried everything including fuses etc, turned out I'd somehow blown something actually the inside light dimmer switch, which controlled all dash lights.

I replaced the unit and all was fine.

I don't know whether this would apply in the case of lexus as the light controls and dimmer are separate but it may be one to bear in mind. Sorry can't help more.

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