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Eek!... New Power Steering Pump?


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uh oh...

had a really annoying 'grinding/rubbing' sound develop whenever I turn sharp left at slow speeds between 1 and 20mph....

had a new steering column joint and changed the power steering belt. Guess what, its still there.

so i'm now shakng with fear at the thought it's the power steering pump on the way out... does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could be and whether the pump needs changing?

If it is the pump:

1. how much can i expect to be relieved of?

2. how easy is it to fit myself?

3. what's the life expectancy when they start to go?

Oh boy i'm having a bad day... :tsktsk:

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i have this same problem, as im banned from driving i have not had it out on the road too test it! going up too the garage next week, i will get them too have a look at it

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on closer examination, it appears that the noise only comes when the steering wheel hits a certain point....i.e. on a full turn left it wil grind half way through the steering wheel turn... it will also grind again when it hits the same point straigthening the wheel up the other way.

I noticed this morning that on a full lock there was a squeal coming from the engine (similar to a fan belt squeal).

I've had a new power steering belt on, could it be slack?

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