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Fitting The Rear Cusco Strut Brace


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Hey there,

Decided to get the rear strut brace fitted but wanted some assistance from anyone that has it fitted already.

I want to cut the trim as neatly as possible, as I don't want to go butchering the interior so soon :o

If anyone has measurements / pictures as to where I need to slice it would be really helpful!

I've already trawled and found a couple of topics, but the image links have since broken.

Many thanks,


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I have no measurments but i will take a piccy of mine tmrw and post it up here when i get home from work...when fitting it do not Jack your car up or overtighten the fixings on the top mounts.

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without the panels on i fitted it all, i measured from the back of the seat and floor of the boot on each side, i then fitted the panels back into place but without the bar fitted and marked the panels, removed the panels and cut them only small, replaced them to see if i was in the right place.

then made the holes a bit bigger and pushed the bar through. then just cleaned it up a bit, i made a hash of one side but managed to hide it a bit.

you will need a good stanley knife.

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