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Sort Of A Newbie

Matt Hillyard

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Hi all,

Now I am not sure who remembers me but I am pleased to say i am back, I am a member of TOC and have had 2 modified Paseo's. A silver one with TRD graphics and Oli_Paseo's old Paseo with Lambo doors and Hydraulic suspension.

However the time has come for me to cross the border and join LOC.

I have done so as I know own a sensible car........

........i have a 2004(54) Lexus IS200 SE in granite sky. It is completely standard with the dark multispoke alloys, sports kit, full leather etc, you know the one! lol

I thought I should sign up and say hello!


Matt :blush:

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A Paseo is a small coupe built byToyota that was built between 96 and 99, it has a 1.5 engine and was a nice little car.

Heres a stock model:


Here is my old Silver one i modded myself,


Here is my old blue one.


Yes and no to missing lambo doors as i did like the attention etc but they were not to stable in the wind and were a pain in the arse to get lined up. Not to mention that no one could shut them so you had to always get out and get the door for everyone! lol

I will get a pic of the Lexus up asap as i havent got any decent ones yet, plus i want to give it a full Meguiars going over before i take lots of pics! lol

Cheers for teh welcome too everyone! Glad to be here!


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Well at the minute I do not think i am going to do anything major to the Lexus at all as I really do love the car in standard form so im trying not to do anything to major to save those looks!

Possibly some small bits such as eyebrows and sports grille apart from that i am not sure if i will spoil the comfort of the car, which is what i love about it!

I would love to go mad on it tho but need to keep it practical as i use it for work everyday, well apart from when im on my 2005 Yamaha R6! lol

So does anyone have any ideas for good leather feed as i dont care about cost but really want to keep it in top condition.

The outside will always be treated to a shiney coating of Meguiars but the leather feed is something ive never bought.



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