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My New Toy


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Coooooooool I love the American muscle cars, looks mean as you like!

More pics please :D

I'd like to buy an old Plymouth GTX convertible one day, think it would be awesome having one of those over here for the good weather :)

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i took it out today for its first long run in 5 years and did not miss a beat just used a bit of fuel i done a 1/4 tank since wednesday and only have done about 20 miles ok i have been running it in the week but it likes a drink

cool. u got one then. goes well?

give me a shout if u wanted that bird put on the bonnet, or anything else on it.

i may be getting one from the states but i i dont i will give you a shout and see what you say

heres a couple of pics i have to get some more later




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there are a few things i have to do before i use it to much like the wipers they stoped working when i was trying to get them working i blue the motor up but its been sitting for 5 years and its a 30 year old car so some bits will need replacing i will get some bits when i go to the states next month

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