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Flat Battery

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Oh my

I was out in my motor last night went to the local mini tesco to get a loaf of bread on the way back from my daughters swimming classes(20 min drive).

Was away from the car for 2 mins jumped back in and the FCUKER was dead :(

Battery flatter than a mountain in Holland :(

So it was whip Battery out quick charge for 2 hrs and presto.

So will be getting a new one today , bloody thing (its the original Battery btw) (51 plate)

Any one any ideas why my Battery would die like that??

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Mine went about a month ago. Mine was original on a 51 plate. They only last about 5 years by reading what other members have posted.

The original batt on my 53 plate RX has suffered coma once....

luckily, it returned to normal after 20mins recharging

lack of use??? may be

but did start and run the engine for 15-20mins once/twice a week and FLSH.

One day.......

It happend and AA came! :duh:

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