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Scrotes Sick Of Them!


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Last night some absolute scrotes drove around our area and smashed as many car windows as they could :tsktsk:

My wifes Megane had the rear windscreen and drivers side passenger window put through. As did the elderly lady from next door who has a Micra. We live on a main road, so I park the Lexus at the back of the house but it mean that we have to park the other car on a side road. It is lit and has houses along it, but the scum bags went along and attacked ever single car! :angry::angry: Must have been at least 20 cars there alone.

Police took ages to arrive despite the offending vehicle being identified (unusual as Stockport Police have in the past been excellent).

This is the second time this has happened in recent months.


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Thanks guys. Her car is at the windscrren place, to keep it secure but it will be Tuesday before they get the new glass in stock, and bl**dy insurance wont give her a courtesy car, because you dont get one for glass incidents, even though it has meant she has no car for 5 days! :tsktsk:

If I ever caught the little gits........... :whistling:

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