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I took a pic with my fogs on, these have the typical H1 fleabay blue light bulbs in, it does show that they are quite white/blue if you compare them with the side lights.


Then I took another with the 6000 rated HID's, the 6000 rating is supposed to be white not blue (7-8000) or purple (8000+) but you can see just how white they are!

They are so good that when I turn on my high beam you can't tell the differece!


The front end looks just how I wanted now :D just a pitty the fuel bill is killing me and I'm craving something old and custom again... :whistling:

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I like the look of your HID's. I'm a driving instructor and I have fitted a pair of Bi-Xenon HID's to my Nissan Micra driving school car. The difference has been amazing. When they are new, they do look a bit blue, but the more you use them and the older they get, they get a little more whiter. Also, when you first turn them on they are more blue than usuall till they warm up. The bulbs and ballasts in my Micra are now over three years old and touch wood, have given me no problems at all. I was going to get the kit for my 2001 GS300 but I've had a go in a 2004 LS430 and I'm slightly hooked. I'm going to save the pennies for my LS.

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Mate That looks fantastic the front edge is very pleasing to the eye, i bought some Xexon bulbs but they arent as bright as yours where did you get them from?

What year is your ls on mines a 93 and the grill looks pretty naf so thinking of changing it.

19 MPG great ive never driven my car properly as its beemn off the road so i was hoping around 24/25 to the gallon same as my van fat chance of that im thinking!!


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Hi Fellas,

The wheels were an e-bay special, no Idea what make, the guy had them listed in the ford spares section, hence little interest in them so I got them V cheap! A bit curbed but you can't see that in the photos!

tyres are 235x40x18, I just got 2 new ones on the back, 150quid for the pair fitted.

The HID kit was from e-bay too, a company in Sheffeild that import them from Malaysia. They were adamant that the kit was made by 'Bosch' but it turns out it's branded 'Bosch HID', typical eastern copy of someone elses reputable name and logo. Not that I mind, it's very good and fitted easily, pigeon english instructions and guarantee aren't worth the paprt they are badly printed on though!

I think I noly average 19mpg during my normal commute to work as it's 10miles from one side of leicester to the other, all stop start and big heavy cars are always going to get rubbish mpg in that situation.

I averaged 28 when I recently went to Cardiff and back and I wasn't hanging about eihter.

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