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Not Had It That Long!

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Hi guys,

Well I got my IS200 SE last sat spent this sat giving it a full Meguiars polish and clean and already it is going to have to go for body work!!!

Heres the situation:

So its blowing a gale outside and you pull up next to another car with the people in the car, surely you watch the door...............errrrr i guess not......... some annoying person let their door go and now ive got a nice crease mark and paint chip on the rear passenger door!

I dont think they would have stopped either if it wasnt that i jumped out looking rather unimpressed with their actions!

Now ive got to go through all the insurance nightmare to get it sorted! I cant believe it! Ive not had the car 5 mins and its already dented and not due to me!


*steps off the soap box! lol*


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Happened to me mate after only owning mine for a couple of weeks! F :tsktsk: s you off when you get mindless morons that have no regard to other peoples cars.

Hope you get it sorted swiflty and trouble free.

Out of curiousity, were they a she/he....age?

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its always a woman


Totally, I once had a woman try to convince me that she hadn't hit my car, despite the fact that her front bumper was still tightly pressed up against my rear bumper....... :blink::angry:

However, she did at least admit her mistake once I proved her wrong (which admittedly took longer than it really should have :lol: )

Hope you get it sorted asap :)

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Sorry, did'nt realise this was a boy's only post

There's always exceptions to the rule ..... unfortuantley not enough!!

I watched one woman go round a roundabout the wrong way and she looked confused as to why everyone was shouting abuse and holding their hands down on the horn!!!

Anyway my sympathy's go out and i hope it get's sorted asap and back to how it was.

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Friend of mine recently sitting in his car in a car park waiting to pick up his missus, driven into by another car, car backs up, woman gets out, looks at damage and says

"Was that damage there already?"

He said she was hot, though!


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So that's what they do in Dublin, must say I did see quite a few IS in Dublin, but none in the countryside, I now know that if I see a 2Litre IS in my mirrors on the Sligo road, then the strange side lanes beyond the broken lines are for me to pull my 3Litre IS onto to allow you to cruise past so that I dont run into you. I finally know what they are....women's lanes.

(Apologies to those who have never driven in the Republic, and don't know what I'm prattling on about.)


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