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Need A Little Pc Help


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I've got a small problem with MS office on my PC - I had a problem which meant I needed to do a system restore on my PC to the day earlier. However, when I did this, it messed up office. When I undid the restoration it still doesn't work.

I also can't uninstall it, or reinstall it again on top - says something about a missing patch.......

Is there a way I can completely remove it from my computer and just reinstall it?

Is it also possible to keep what was in my outlook, or have I already lost that anyway?

Oh, and before anyone says, yes I probably should have bought a mac, and then none of this would have happened :P

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All I know about system restores is that if it doesn't work 100% then you are in alot of trouble and may have to start from scratch from your dedicated backups - which I am SURE you have of course... *cough*

Ultimately you answered your own question...

:whistling: :D

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Lol :D

Hmmm, reinstalling the whole system is not a big issue, I'd just rather not if I don't have to as the rest of the system is fine except office - just need a way to remove it completely so I can reinstall it :)

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Do you dare to delve into your Windows registry? Removing any mention of MS Office? :o

Is there a good chance I'll be able to fix it completely by doing this? If so, I'll leave it as a final option before doing a complete reinstall, because that way if I mess it up I'll just be reinstalling the system anyway.........

Is this my only option then with regard to removing everything without reinstalling my system?

Although starting to think perhaps I should get a network hard drive and store everything on that, that way doesn't matter what I do to my PC, now and in the future........ :unsure:

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can you boot up in safe mode and then remove it using add/remove programs?

How do I do this, and is it different to just using add/remove programs normally?

Have you got Office 2003? If so look here:

If it's not 2003 then try "remove + office + 20YY" in

I had already been told about this but unfortunately it didn't work :(

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