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Very Rare Toyota Altezza 6mt For Sale


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reasonly spent £15,000 in the past 6- 8 months, all the parts below are less than year old.

Purchase house hence for sale and I only drive the car once a week sometime even less as i use it for second car hence very low mileage, under 35000 miles..... Private plate not include in the sale.

I do not want to sell the parts individauly, not unless someone pay reasonable money for the car without certain parts.

Ther is no front spoiler at the front as the carbon one was sold.

Carbon bonnet, RSR manifold 4-2-1, Buddy Club Spec II exhaust, HKS Racing Suction Reloaded, HKS Hipermax suspension, TRD 2way LSD + 4.7 final gear, Cusco front camber kit, Carbing cooling plate, TRD oil cap, TRD themo, BILLION radiator cap, BILLION coolant pipe, BILLION exhaust wrap, Spilte Fire direct ingnition bridge, TRD black housing headlight (blue back lens) with 6500k HID, TRD carbon grill, TRD front upper strut brace, TRD rear upper brace, Rear boot brace, TRD front and rear lower brace, Toms front tension rod, TOMS front and rear lower tie brace, Defi BF water temp, oil temp, exhaust temp, oil pressure, 17" Black Super Advan with 225/40/17 all round, Manual conversion, Full TRD bushes all round, TRD engine mount and gearbox mount, TRD instrument with center rev, TRD short shift, TRD anti-roll bar (yellow), Carbon GT spoiler, Oil cooler, Helix Cerametalic Clutch, Cusco light flywheel

The carbon spoiler and the oil cooler is currently not on the car, I service the car every year even less then the service mileage in my friend garage (not cheap parts), and I service the LSD every 3000miles.

NO part-exchange as I am looking for something different and cheap after I sold this, A CLASSIC CAR with tax exemption, not unless you have a nice old classic that I might be interested.

Picture will follow when the weather is getting better....

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Thanks everyone, i dont want to sell the car either after I spent all that time and effort into it but money issue is always the biggest barrier. Specially if I dont sell it, I know i will keep putting more and more money into it and the only way to stop is to sell the car.

Also my cousin is also looking for Altezza for about £8000- 9000 perfer standard or just a little mod, if anyone would be interested my car and he is currently driving an alteeza than we might able to deal something in between.

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