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Is There A Plumber In The House


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OK all i have actually got around to start fitting a set of bathroom furniture/suite.

I fitted the WC pan to waste using a Mcalpine WC -CON 26PV conector but found that the cuff still appears to seep......I have been told it should be a case of simply push on and leave, but can a sealant be used with the cuff??

likewise for the cistern to Tiolet pushfit connection. :tsktsk:

The sink also leaked, and after rechecking the sink itself found that a slight imperfection in the sink itself meant i had to use a bit of sealant to ensure a watertight fit between the sink and waste.

Really miffed!

Any advice appreciated.


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make sure you push the rubber fully on and then retract it slightly,

so that the rubber seal, the internal seal is slightly visible again.

Is the pan screwed down, with no movement.. If you've done all that and it still leaks,

then replace it with a multikwik they're much better.

McAlpine pan connectors aren't very good.

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Unfortunately multikwik dont do a flexi with a boss connection for the sink waste. :(

I will try with a little petroleum paste to see if i get a better seal.

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