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Battery On Is 200

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my car had been switched off for around 4 days at a garage an they had problems starting an needed another Battery to jump start it wen needed, but now ive gotten it back ive been driving it an that its fine.

Is this normal or is my Battery weak????!!! anyone have any suggestions or info??? please help

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So what kind or type am i searching for on the net? As i wouldn't know what would fit my car.

I was going to go to Lexus but now that you said that I suppose 55ah sounds better even tho I am not sure as to what that means, more power perhaps?

If you have any links for places or even for where u bought yours then please do tell me :)

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i could give you the link where i bought mine but im in switzerland so it wont do u any good! LOL.

the Battery i have is a bosch silver not asia silver and i can say i have had no probs at all even in very cold conditions eg standing for about a week in -20C car starts perfectly as if it was a summers day.

if u want bosch then just have a look on the bosch website for the dealer finder and the dealer will have a list of batteries that fit.

or try your local motor factors

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Thanks! Yeah i was at work today an i came accross the 1 u had and it appears to be the best 1 available and it mentioned they done loads of tests on it etc, sounds gud.

What abt in warm temperatures, is it still ok?


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you Battery may have been flat because your interior light or door wasn't shut properly, can be the case if the car was in a lock up.

before you go out and buy a Battery its worth checking the levels on it as if they are low, a top up and charge could save you the price of a new Battery...however winter does normaly finish batterys off!

Fluff could having a too higher Ah level damage your alternator?

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