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Speed Limit On Dual Carraigeways


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For some reason today I relaised I dont know for sure what the speed limit is on a dual carraigeway, I believed it was 70mph but for some reason especially on the A52 between Notts & Grantham I do 60mph as they have average speed cams that scare me.. lol :duh: Someone help me out of this madness an tell me the speed limit, it's even more confusing when i see others zooming past an some going even slower than me lol..

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OK.... I got caught (with three points added to my Licence on the A52 between Grantham and Notts !!

The speed limit is 60mph in the single carrageway section and I got done for doing 82mph in a ........ wait for it........ Daewoo Matiz (which I thought was impossible according to the laws of Physics !! :D :D :D)

The SPECS start on the dual carrageway at Gamston (where the dual carrageway is and where the speed limit IS 70mph) and continue all the way on the A52 onto the single lane section (where the limit is 60mph).

You can go through the first camera doing 150mph if you want and you won't get caught... it's when you pass the SECOND camera that the laws of maths and average speed/distance take over :duh: :duh:

The Editor

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"HIGHWAY CODE" It is worth buying a copy if you passed the driving test some years ago. There are lots of new rules and regulations since I passsed mine.

I remember when I first started to drive, the Highway Code had things like hand signals and pictures of a man on a horse and carriage pointing his whip to indicate. Older members might have seen things like having a man with a red flag walking in front. :winky:

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National speed limit is 70mph .... on carriageways that are separated by a centre reservation.

Otherwise, national speed limit on carriageways with no center reservation is 60mph.


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