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Explanations Please


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ok so it appears i am not allowed to add a reply in the group buys section or the video section..... but cant see anything saying I cant - so whats the situation - are these sections restricted only to gold members or what and if so what other sections are also onlly gold members??

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Yup there was a notice stating that you-tube clips could only be posted in the "Video section" by Gold members, suppose it easier to totally block non Goldie's than give them the option of replying " without" the ability to post a clip...

probably the same reason for "buy and sell section"... which is definitely a negative as maybe a non-gold member would be put off purchasing when they can't ask a question on the public forum (always PM's though)

Oh you also can't access the "Gold only section"... :P :P :P

I think the fact that you have been a member on here for so long and a regular contributor that you should be given an honorary Gold membership.... :)

If that doesn't happen ask Steve about the discounted Gold rate for people not living in the UK (like myself) who aren't able to avail of the dealer discounts ;)

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mmm why am i not surprised no one from the club has actually bothered to reply....... so how about a reply then???

noel, thanks for the reply, about the "not living in uk" bit i dont really see why i should pay just to post something on the forums

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