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My New Tezza :)


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Hello everyone,

you might remember my old thread about me crashing my Tezza ............The long wait is over, I managed to import my Tezza through The car is immaculate and in pristine condition it took a little while to import her but it was will worth it. I picked her up two weeks ago and covered almost 2000 miles :D .

I am talking too much, I will :shutit: …..check the pics below (Courtsey of Newera imports)








More photos can be found here

As everyone know about the inner tire wear problem and not wanting to damage the nearly new tires, I took my baby to the Doctor (Tony) who fixed her real good :D

Thanks to Miguel (for importing a top quality car and Gareth for preparing the car)

Thanks to Tony (WIM) for his knowledge and expertise and detailed informative explanation he gave while I was there. the car handling is much better, the steering is sharper and responsive.

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Nice one mate, I often think about you as I pass "your tree" on the A10 on the way to work.

trust me mate, everytime I pass the same spot and look at the smashed tress I think I am one lucky bugger :D

I use this route everyday, hopefully I will honk if I see you :)

Very nice car.... I am jealous to the max!..... Sorry for the "dribble" on the drivers mat :blush:

Thanks mate, the handling is really good, I will create a thread on WIM and discuss my findings.

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