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Hi I have a 56 Is220d SE with 11,000 on the clock and the VSC warning lights have come on. Lexus say that tha car is ok to drive for the next few days untill they can have a look. Is this right and is there a quick fix I can do my-self? :unsure:

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I'd want it in writing and I'd certainly drive a bit more carefully

Explanation from below:

Lexus Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) assists you when taking a corner too fast or being forced to brake sharply mid-corner.

Even the best drivers can get caught out by a bend that tightens unexpectedly - or the need to brake suddenly in mid-corner. Either action can unsettle the balance of the car. That's when VSC steps in to help the driver regain control quickly.

Sensors continuously monitor and cross-reference speed, steering angle, yaw rate and deceleration. The instant the system detects a loss of control, VSC steps in and momentarily dictates the individual braking force sent to each wheel. It also moderates the throttle until the tendency of the front to run wide (understeer), or the rear to break away (oversteer), is corrected.

It's the kind of technology we hope you'll never need. But if you do, you'll be glad it's there.

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I had the same problem with mine back in December, It wasnt OK to drive in the ice and snow as the traction and braking control is turned off. Very twitchy in the wet, spun it around on a mini roundabout on my way to the dealers.

Mine went in 4 times to be looked at. The computer diagnostics said change the O2 sensor on the engine bank 1. Mine had the system reset on the first visit, suspected faulty O2 sensor changed second visit, and whole ECU changed on the third and finally they changed the bank 2 O2 sensor which sorted it out. Computers are'nt always right. But yours is a oiler so may only have one O2 sensor.

Hope yours has less visits than mine, Lexus Newcastle looked after me very well while trying to sort it out.

No probs since. :D


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