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Wheel Alignment Messed Up By Demon Tweeks


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I thought id share with you all my bad experience that ive recently had with Demon Tweeks.

Basically my car was handling crap so i thought i need to get it checked and sorted. after searching on the forum i found WIM did settings for the lexus that people were happy with. I asked Wim to provide me the settings as it was too far to drive down to london so i thought id go down to the nearest reputable place which was demon tweeks (ive changed my opinion now) as they setup rtacing cars etc.

Booked my car in on a saturday at 4pm and took the settings provided by WIM. the car didnt go into the workshop till 4.45 and then they told me that WIM settings would were my tyre. so they set it different. It got to 5.30 and they were closing up still not having finshed the settings on my car. Then they come out saying one side is siezed so they cant adjust it and it was time to close.

i ended up paying just over £70 plus petrol. when i drove out went home the car handled like a dog on ice. so i sent the printout to WIM, they advicesd me of some discrepencies. i then wrote to DEMON TWEEKS which later phoned on my brothers mobile rather than the number i provided in my email and told him that the car settings are fine.

On hearing this i had no choice but to drive down to WIM in london and get my car setup. Now it handles fantastic. great job they have done.

i wrote to DEMON TWEEKS asking for a refund but they declined. such a big company and for the sake of accepting that they made a mistake they would rather ruin there repuation.

below is the final response i had from them and also where they went wrong...

However, I personally don't believe we have made a mistake with your car, the only thing I would say is, there is a slight imbalance on the rear camber, which you were informed of before you left our premises, this was because the camber bolt on the N/S/R was at maximum adjustment, incidentally Tony has left the setting on this rear camber exactly the same.

The front N/S camber bolt was seized solid, we applied a penetrating oil but still had no joy with adjustments, However it was still within Lexus's manufacturing tolerances and we were happy it wouldn't cause any tyre wear, again you were informed of this and seemed more than happy when you left our premises.

I'm sure you can appreciate we only charged you for the angles we adjusted, you were not charged for adjusting the N/S/F camber because it was seized.

Moving on to the specs we were provided -

Tony has told you that he designed the spec's for Lexus themselves - this is untrue as Lexus will set the cars specs before production, However, from what I understand Tony has posted the specs he believes to be accurate for the Lexus IS200 onto a forum, we asked Tony the question - Why had he said the rear toe should be at 6minutes negative on his specs? as this would cause inside tyre wear, which again we informed you of before you left our premises.

Tony's reply was it shouldn't be the specs we were given were for the later model Lexus, not the 99 V reg which you have...

As you can appreciate it is difficult for us because we have been given a set of spec's to set the car up to which we wouldn't necessarily do. As a result of the conflicting information from Tony and given that we were not given the opportunity to set the car up for you, I'm afraid I will be unable to offer any form of refund.


The final positions displayed are extremely disappointing. Not only do they violate the proven wheels-inmotion calibration for the IS200/300 but they also violate the positions written by Lexus. The immediate concerns are.

1: The castor disparity is of concern.

2: NSF Camber at -43 is more than twice the wim position and far from the -30 suggested by Lexus.

3: SAI/included noted "n/m" suggests a second castor swing was not observed.

4: OSR Camber position was "lifted" from -46' to -12'. This is very odd since the target position is -55'.

This in my opinion was negligent on their part since the cars chassis positions were obviously within the realm of tyre wear and opportunist rear end departure.

The Geometry calibration at STS Watford proved the wim positions and the cars compliance satisfying the chassis.

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just out of intrest. how much did wim charge? i need to get mine done very soon and will probably take the drive to them.

Same here, im after getting mine checked and adjusted if need be.

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wim volunteers calibration positions globally so ACAY's request was simple to aid since the positions are available on-line. Nevertheless We sent the positions and technician procedure to aid compliance... Here is the actual proven calibration.



Camber: - 55’ Negative

Toe: - 6’ Negative (partial)

Thrust: - 0. Or as near to but no more than 5’


Camber: - NSF 10’ Negative OSF 20’ Negative

Castor: - 6 Degrees Positive + - 30’

KPI/ SJI: - even +- 30’

TOOT: - 5% of the total lock angle taken at 20 Degrees (assume 1 Degree 30’) as an Ackerman angle.

Lock angles: - not relevant

Delta curve: - not relevant

Included angle: - not relevant (unless uneven by more than 45’)

Toe: + 4’ Positive (partial)


This set-up is not an attempt to belittle your skills, only an expression set by example. But this is the ‘absolute’ geometry set-up for this car, please ignore the ‘Data green areas’ on the computer and relate to the set-up given.


Rear adjustment should be without problem (unless) the NSR adjuster cam rises above the ledge.

The front Castor position most times shows (ASIAN) settings, the new 10’ and 20’ Camber position will correct this.


Correct the Camber then you will see the Toe has moved Positive near to two Degrees, don’t worry about this. Correct the Toe and do another ‘Caster swing’ now you will find the Caster settings are within or near to UK positions.


The Parallelograms of this car will suffer lateral and diagonal shear, ‘No’ settling on the table will conclude the set-up, I have found a ‘Simple’ fine-tune will finalize the geometry, then it’s Job done!


A competent company should not need a procedure, nevertheless it was available and they still failed.

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With the results from the fine tune checks on my car today, I don't think I'll dispute what you have to say Dr Bones :D Well, anything regarding vehicle geometry that is :winky:

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With the results from the fine tune checks on my car today, I don't think I'll dispute what you have to say Dr Bones :D Well, anything regarding vehicle geometry that is :winky:

These results from your car are astounding.

(taken from wim forum)


Personally i had real concerns regarding the final resting positions for the camber. Measurements @ 100th of a millimetre were taken at the tyre then compared to returning "fine-tunes".

After the coils settled "tune two" we imaged/corrected the calibration. Some 4 thousand miles later we compared the chassis positions again (today) and i am amazed...

The deviation from the last image and today's after 4 thousand miles in respect to the longitudinal toe was!!!!!! 1/10th of a millimeter off over all four wheels.

The tyre wear is even, correlating exactly to the Geometric positions I must add this is only the second time in 25yrs a car has come back for a fine-tune and i had nothing to do!!! Good for you Tango and at last good for Lexus.


Top score Lexus, long may this example continue!

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Id recommend that you go to WIM rather than some where else unless they know what there doing and you have had good feedback from other people. was well worth the drive down. i wont be going anywhere else for any sort of alignment work. i dont care if its far i am happy with the service so thats what counts.

guys my car sticks to the road with these settings and feels stable

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