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Service & Parts Question

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Ive searched on the forum but not all my questions are answered and there is a mix in the info given so i need some clarification.

Ive bought a W Reg IS200 on 100k miles that is due a major service. Im looking to get the service done on the cheap as there is no point in having it done at lexus as the value has been lost now anyway.

I have a list for work to do:


Oil Filter (with Sump Plug Washer)

Air Filter

Pollen Filter

6 Spark Plugs (SK20 R11)

Timing Belt & Tensioners

Replace: Brake Fluid/Coolant/Rear Diff Oil/Gear Box Oil/Valve Clearance.


1. Is the list right or can anyone suggest additions? Do some of you feel that some of the work is not required?

Does Gear Box Oil ever get changed? Do valves need cleaning? is it a must to change coolant and brake fluid? Would other fluids need a change like power steering at any point or is this not serviceable items?

2. OIL - after reading on here and phoning lexus Dealerships they all say different oils. I have been given 0w 30/5w 30/5w 40/10w 40 - both Semi synthetics and Fully Synthetics. Which is it? Ive read thin oils will cause engine wear and you can hear engine tappets. Possibily better fuel economy however older engines should you thicker oils. does semi or fully synthetic matter? What is recomended. My local car shop will sell me AC Delco oil is what i think he said. is it top performance oil?

3. SPARK PLUGS - on here ive read DENSO IK20 (or IK22 for supercharged) is the best plug to use. Lexus say SK20 R11. Is this the same plug or is it a typo on this forum that people are talking about IK20????

3b. Can anyone beat £7.40 a plug? well point me in the right direction. Ebay looks like its cheap at £25 but is it worth it after the posting from america?

Your help is much appreciated.. Thanks

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