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Rx300 Mark 2 Engine Starting Time

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Just after some feedback on how long it takes turning the engine over before it catches. Been used to a BMW 325ci e46 and it fires up within 1/2 second of turning the key whereas the RX300 takes a full 2-3 seconds on turnover before it catches (Doesn't sound long I know but if you count 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi for engine turnover seems a lot).

Just wondered if this really is the norm or if there is something not quite right under the bonnet.

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With regards to the 'delay start' issue IIRC then it has to do soemthing with the 'optitron' (sp?) display in these cars - as the dash back lights are always on, when you turn the ignition on, not only has the car got to light the dash, but also illuminate (and then hopfully extinguish!) the other warning lights you normally get during the start up process. The optitron takes up a lot of power at start up so hence the delay.

BTW My 3003 RX300 does the same :P

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