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Ok, last week when i changed my wheels over i found that one of the front wheels only had 4 nuts on it. I was more shocked to find that the nut was missing because the whole stud was missing!!! This probably explains the vibrations iv been getting through my steering wheel.

Ordered a new stud from Lexus yesterday and its to arrive tomorrow.

BUT . . . . how do these studs fit in?

If its the same as the Soarer then im guessing i just have to remove the disc and put the stud in from behind (ooh ahhh :lol: )

If its the same as my Honda Accord then its a question of splitting the hub apart?

Does any one know which way its fitted?

Im assuming the removal involves it to be just tapped out from the front? As i never really looked wether the whole stud was missing or wether it had broken off like a previous incident i had!

Thanks for your help.

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Just did the job and wasnt too much of a hassle really.

The previous stud had actually broken off but it wasnt a clean break and where it did break ment it was further in than the brake disc so couldnt hammer it either. Tried hammering a screwdriver on to it, failed miserably.

In the end had to take off the caliper and disc and then just hammer it out. Hammered the new one in, went in with a bit more force than i thought it would require but in there non-the-less now.

Though what i did find out, and tried to do myself, was that you dont have to remove the caliper and disc to remove the studs. If you look behind the disc you will actually see a gap where the studs can actually be hammered out one by one by rotating the hub forward. But like i said i couldn't do this as the break was deeper than the disc so that got in the way. About an hour me thinks.

Then about 4 hours washing and cleaning the big bear!!!

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tap it out from the front and hammer it in dry from behind

Knock out the broken stud, place the new stud in the hole, put a few washers over it so the wheel nut doesn't bottom out and pull it in .

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