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Is200se Auto

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Hi All,

Might be buying my dads 05 plate IS200SE next march, which has 18,140 miles on the clock at the moment. Question is, can I supercharge it with it being a fully automatic box?

I would like to know as i will need to look for loans, and if i can, it might mean getting a £15000 loan instead of a £10,000 loan!

Thanks All.

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How much is this then fitted?

I am very very intresed in getting my dads car,as currently i won a 1.8 Bora, Which will beat a Lexus IS200, but basically does not have the looks or comfort of a Lexus.

So,what insurance hikes will i face (im only 20 when im getting the car) and also prices on the supercharger fitted, and preformance upgrades ie 0-60,top end etc.

Thanks guys

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Prolex is selling them for less than 2k fitted.....

Ring around insurance companys and get only then will you have an accurate idea on costs ... no guessing involved

Charger makes the manual IS200 over two seconds faster to 60, so for the Auto it must be similar....although the IS200 auto is really slow already

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Yeah. The one im buying is a minter thou,very good condition,the engine is hardly ever thrashed, and its a nice darkish blue (unsure of colour name)

probably Strathcaron Blue. I think they only did 2 blues, royal saphire pre 2001 and Strathcaron after 2001.

you will only need 2K to charge it but get insurance quotes first as alot of companies arnt interested if your under 25 on a IS Lex, although Auto may help.

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What top end speed has it added to your IS,or is it just to mainly gain bottom end grunt and power?

Definatly the latter mate, car tops out at around 145 on the speedo, around 136 on the GPS.

Having driven Rsarin's supercharged auto, it seemed to respond better than my manual.

thats probably down to gearing, as the auto is 4 speed

It certainly is, the car is always in the correct gear for what you want to do. Except dynoing :P

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