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Anyone Been To The Maldives Before?


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Very nice Paul. :D

We have been twice.

1st time was to Paradise Island in a beach bungalow which is about 20min trip by boat from Male

2nd time was to Reefe Beach in a water villa which was 20min flight in sea plane from Male

Take plenty of sun cream and SD cards for digital camera.

You must try scuba diving.

We love it, we go every 2 years.

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Am going to Sun Island, about 45mins by sea plane. Staying in a water villa too.

I tried snorkling when I was in Mexico and loved it, so am deffo up for some scuba diving. Have a 1gb card so should be ok.

Did you take pics when diving?

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Yes took pictures underwater, brought some disposable cameras from diving center, and they then develop them. You can get small waterproof camera bags, but I wasn't that brave to risk my digital camera.

Congratulations mate you will love it out there.

The night life is a bit dull so take plenty of music with you on your MP3

It's the perfect place just to relax.

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Yeah I am thinking of buying one of those bag things :unsure: not sure what to do.

Buy a cheap digital camera and take that along too. Then dive with the cheap one, you'll still get some shots but if the bag doesn't quite keep it dry then you won't have lost your main camera.

Of course, having spend 40 quid or so on a second camera, the bag will perform perfectly!

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i went a few years tips

get one of those uv protective swimming tops for snorkelling....definately well worth the money and will save a charred back!!!

the currents can be pretty strong so be a bit carefull - especially further out.

Don't get scraped by the coral unless you want a dose of fish tank hand :crybaby:

....apart from that it's stunning :D

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also been twice!

a) always wear a shirt when snorkelling and neoprene footwear--the sun will cook you in 20 mins flat, and the coral is razor sharp...i got sunburnt on the top of the foot, the blister swelled up to the size of a golf ball which i then tore off when i clipped the top of my foot when going over some coral..........i went out of the water like a pershing missile........ :crying:

B) always sneak out bread from the restaurant and take it into the sea...the fish will corral you and you can hand feed them--the stripe ones nip your legs too!

c)take books/mp3 player, cos if it rains and you ain't diving you will get bored to tears.

d) the jet lag/heat/travel hassle will mean you keep missing meals through oversleeping--so take snacky cakes and cheesy poofs,

e)remember that they do not allow you to take alcohol into the country--we watched in amazement as some honeymooning muppets thought they could!!

f)make syre you tell them it is your honeymoon as they like to do things for you :D

g) relax--after all the aggro getting in, where the ak47s are bigger than the men carrying them, it is an extrordinarily gorgeous place :D

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