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Dear All,

On average I see around 17.1 - 17.5 mpg with just town driving rising to 18-19 with some longer A road driving.

If I drive longer distance via Motorway at a reasonable pace, then I will see 24-27mpg.

I did use to get 18.5mpg wherever I drove and however much I put my foot down and I wondered if there are any air sensors that might get gummed up.

I would be interested to hear others views or reflections with the 4.3 V8 engine and mpg.

Best regards,


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I get 23 or 24 on average from mine, however I tend to do quite a lot of motorway miles as a proportion of the total.

I guess it's conceivable something is a bit gummed up; however mine is 6 years old and has just under 50k miles on the clock, so I'd expect your much newer one to have better mpg.

Has it had a recent service - is the oil new, air filter clean, tyres properly inflated, brakes checked for binding, etc? All these can make a difference - mine has just come out of it's 60k service (the 6 year one), so it has new plugs, all filters, oil etc.

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