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Blue Or Red Hoses?

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they do hoses in more colours than red and blue :yawn:

why not try and be different :)

i agree bazza....i was wanting purple at first but then found it difficult to find other things to match - for example, the upgraded hoses for the s/c only come in 4 different colours. If you want conduit style hose sleeves then they are hard to get in certain colours, etc etc.

If dave did the upgraded s/c hoses in purple, i'd snap em up :) :shifty:

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Good morning,

Just out of curiosity, which colour of hose do we think would suit mine in the engine bay? My IS is strath blue.

Trying to decide whether blue or red would look better...



Yellow or pink :winky:

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what exactly is the purpose of the hoses? Does the colour make a difference to their performance?

Yeah, they give you an extra 1-2bhp like the go faster stripes :)

the point I was making was it is a pure asthetical question, one which is hidden for 99% of the time, and only the owner will really see.... so really its all down to him...

Now if he'd asked whether he should get a TTE or electric supercharger, I may have had more of an opinion.

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