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Screeching Breaks..?


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Hey, my is200 SE breaks are screeching everytime i press them and its starting to really sound awful, i had the window down today and i realised just how bad it was :angry:

When i bought the car, the garage MOT'd it and told me it failed on rear pads, and they changed them.

when i had my mechanic look over it he said the front were low, so i figured the screeching was from that, so i had him put front pads on too, so i have all new pads on, but now its even worse...

everyones telling me to bedd them in etc, and i do barely drive it, but its been 3-4 weeks now and i do drive at least 10 miles a day and then 20-30 on a weekend so yeah..

anyone experienced this problem?

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hello mate

Mine were doing the same just after i fitted new front pads so i took them apart and put some copper grease on the back of all 4 pads and its fine now not a squeek might be worth a try??


thanks a lot dude, ill definetly give that a go, can you get copper grease from like auto shops? e.g Halfords?

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On both the edges of all the pads sand off the sharp lip as thats whats rubbing on the outside and inside of worn disc rim.

We get people complaining of this all the time, 9/10 it cures it. Oh and as previously stated, grease em up good so they are nice and free.

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Thanks a lot guys, im gunna drop it in at my mechanic on the weekend get him to grease them

but i also noticed what someone mentioned above, about they discs pretruding, and i can see where its shiny, where its rubbed, so ill see if he can sand it smooth for me aswell,

thanks a lot guys, looking forward to the weekend now! just as long as its not a huge whopping bill again.. :P

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I had the same problem with my front brakes, but tool it in today and had them greased and sanded the edges of the pads and so far so good :D

Also passed it's MOT today with flying colours :D

Well not really flying colours there was one advisory point that the passenger windscreen wiper had a split in the rubber :o

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