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Is200 Toolkit Photo Wanted

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I’m trying to replace some missing parts out of my IS200 toolkit. (The thing that sits on top of the spare wheel). I’m not sure what parts should be there, though. Does anyone have, or could you take a photo of a complete tool tray?

I just don’t want to find myself in a breakdown situation one day, and be stuck because something I forgot about is missing!


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I can't supply a photo, but mine has the following: Tyre wrench, jack wrench, one pair of pliers, a screwdriver with a double ended shaft, on end flat head, one end phillips, plus two spanners. One of the spanners is 10mm, can't remember if the spanners are double ended, and if they are, whether they are different sizes at each end. However, almost every bolt I've had to undo has been 10mm so far.

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Here you go mate, its a very basic kit :)


I thought a tow hook might have been in there somewhere. Does the IS200 have one that screws in, or is it permanently fixed?

Just realised I'm missing the plastic part that goes inside the wheel too. Doh! Whats the plastic bag thing to the right in your photo? First aid kit?


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