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R/c Drift Racing

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Hi there,

I'm looking to sort myself out with a remote control drift car and wondered if anyone can help me?

I currenty have the Tamiya TA04 chassis (electric) with the Ferrari 360 Modena shell.



Can my current chassis accomodate the HPi bodyshells? Such as the IS200:


What other parts will I require to set this up? Links and prices would be really helpful...

Many thanks,


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So long as the shell is 190mm wide you shouldn't have a problem, you can easily drill holes in the shell to fit your mounting posts.


Best starting off with a 27Turn or a 19Turn, then progressing onto a 15Turn.


To start with just use an old set, wrap electrical tape around then, I usually put 4 layers on 3/4 of the front tyres and about 6-7 layers on the rears. But only use this method if your going to be drifting on an uber smooth surface.

The other method which I tend to use is PE pipe around my wheels.

You can get Proper drift wheels which I have used in the past but they can work out to be expensive.


The camber will need changing, if your using any of the methods above then set the cambe to 0degrees, if your using rubber tyres(a lot harder to do) then set the camber to around 2-4 degrees, whichever you feel is best.

Leave the caster as it is, usually 4 degrees.

Changing the toe-in will help to stabilise the car, use either 2-3 degrees on the rears and 1 degree on the front.

Make sure you got the right suspension springs as well, I use very soft on the fronts and slightly stiffer on the rears. Oil won't really make a difference.

Think that covers the basics :)

:excl: Just go really easy on the throttle

the site I tend to use the most is

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Forgot to add,

If your having troubles drifting then try locking your diffs;

Can be done by:

1, Remove the balls and put a couple of composite washers in

2, Tighten the diff screw up hard

3, Buy a couple of solid axles

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So I'm fine to stick with the chassis I have then?

I think you're going to have to be a little more simplistic if that's possible :)

For starters, how do I alter the camber?

The motors you speak of, I gather "turn" relates to their revolutions or something?

I've just checked and I upgraded the motor I had in the TA04 to a 21T - would this be sufficient?

What additional parts do I require?



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I found this an interesting read when I first started out :)


There are little adjuster bars on all four corners to change the positions mentioned above.

That motor should work fine, just give it a go and see.

The only addictional parts i'd recommend are upgrading the springs, should be able to get them from the model shop you bought the car, think they are around £6.50 for 2.

Other that that, tape the tyre up and off you go :)

If you do have trouble though, you might need to lock the diffs, not too sure if the TA04 has ball diffs or not.

If they are ball diffs then the easiest way to lock them is to tighten the bolt going through. If they are not ball diffs then this video shows an excellent was of locking them.

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There is an excellent vid on Youtube showing you how to control the car, skip to about 4:40

yeah i thought about turning my petrol rc car into a drift beast after watching that rc drift vid on the site. looked so cool.

might do it eventually but its having the time.

Nitro is a lot harder to drift, you can;t hold the drifts as long but when you got one going sideways it does look the part :)

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