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Lexus/inchcape Service Plan.

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Hello all,

I found the site whilst doing a search and think you have a great forum here.

I am wondering if any of you have any experience with the Lexus service plan. I bought a used IS 200 a few years ago and signed up to this service plan for 3 sevices ( 60k, 70k & 80k). I used the the 60k voucher, no problem. A month or so before I was due the 70k service I traded up to the IS 250. I contacted Inchcape who run the plan for Lexus to trade my 70k & 80k vouchers for 10k and 20k vouchers for the new car, but Inchacape tell me the service vouchers are non transferable between vehicles. They are quite clear about this, however, I have a flyer that came with the original plan from Lexus stating that the plan can be switched from one car to another. I have contacted Lexus who have said, "we'll try and sort something out" though they are doing me some sort of favour. That was over a fortnight ago and nothing.

Has anyone else got any experience with these transferable/non-transferable service plans?

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