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Hi there,my mate has an x reg gs300 sport which was playing up from about a month ago, occasionally when he went to start it it wouldnt start and when he took the key out the stater was still turning the engine and only stopped when he put the key back in. It gradually done it more and more and only stopped when the Battery got disconnected, so the Battery was off and on while he was trying to move the car from his house to the bodyshop. The car came to me and i diagnosed the fault to the starter motor so changed it,reconnected the Battery and all was fine until i tried to start it. The original fault was away but now the car isn't recognising the key and the key light is flashing on the dash,can this be sorted easily or will it need to go to a dealer and get re-programmed?? Sorry for the long winded story lol,cheers for any help.:D

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Its cool folks all sorted now,had to leave the ignition switched on for 6 minutes to reset the immobiliser,cheers.

This thread just saved me a nasty call out - let the Battery go flat - left the key in the ignition for 3 days :shutit:

charged the Battery off the wifes car, but could not start the engine - immobiliser light would go off. Tried all sorts of combinations of key in, key out, lock, unlock etc

sure enough - wait six minutes with the key in the iginiton and it all worked - phew

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