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Engine Start/stop And Accessory Modes Etc

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Hi all,

I wish I got time to read these forums during "normal" hours but I have a niggle and I'm hoping someone can help, or at least save me some time.

I'm pulling up into a McDonalds (classy I know) and I want to park up. So using my reverse camera I line myself up, park and then I go to turn off the engine. But my music will switch off if I press the start button, lose my place in the track, the steering wheel will retract. Is there any way to go from "engine on" to "accessory position 2" if you see what I mean without having to turn the engine off and pressing it again a few times?

Cheers :)

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I think that the minit you hit that button all goes to sleep...

You can then get to "Acc1 and 2" by pushing the button without the clutch down...

I haen't tried pushing the button with the clutch down and engin on yet tho'

I have - it just turns everything off. :)

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... not sure if you have the sweet auto box, but if so, you can hit the button in neutral and Mr Levinson continues to blow your mind :D


is that right? I'll give it a go 2moro... that will b very helpful

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