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Is200 Lack Of Power

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I am thinking on buying a Lexus IS200 and I read in some places that this car its a bit under powerd that is a bit slow.

Is this true?

Is there realy a lack of power in this car or it's just "it could have more power"?

Let's compare it to a 2005 Honda Civic 1600cc Sport. It's not a realy fast and power car, but it's already quite fast.

Comparing a IS200 to this car, which one is the faster and in what conditions?

The Lexus has 150HP and the Civic has 110(more or less), but on the other and the Lexus is a bit heavier...

Comparing this two cars, which of them is faster/slower?

Sorry for the bad english...

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the lexus Is200 is not the fastest car out there i agree but it is faster than a BMW/Mercedes of same engine size and will go good the only problem is you have to work at it ie.rev it ! The engine does not waken up until at 4500 RPM and cut out is just over 6000RPM so you need to keep on top of it to keep that revs up.The 6 cylinder and 6 speed box is capable of taking more BHP without damaging it.And at the end of the day you have a luxury motor that turns heads even when its still standard without any mods.Lots of people on here have went for the supercharger for there cars which will set you back 1850 GBP and gives you 1/3 more BHP and torque.I would have the lexus before the civic any day mate ...................Oh and you also get to join a great club like ours

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Problem is, its a heavy car, and people expect it to be some performace machine and its not going to be. As boddamloon says, its generally quicker than Merc/BMWs as standard. My mums Omega is slugish as hell!

Whack a supercharger on one and its makes a good difference. Its still not a flyin machine but makes the drive 100% better!

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