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Front Fogs

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My drivers side front fog has stoped working and I cannot get the bulb out to change it which I assume is the corresion problem that is well posted,

Question : should the bulb simply twist out or should you undo somethong, i.e. there are three small screws surrounding the bulb on mine?

Anyway I have snapped most of the bulb away now trying to force it out. If any one has any tips on how to get over this please it would be most appreciated?

Other wise does anyone have a drivers side front fog avialable, would take both iif ts a pair? (only a passenger side available on ebay, also doing the rounds at breakers)

Many thanks all,

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Success! Got the bulb out without distroying the housing.

Decided that all the crusty stuff was limescale so got the mad scientist head on and gave the bulb end a soak in neat vinegar for a couple of hours. Then got plumbers adjustable spanner to get a good grip of the bulb and gently eased it round, and it moved! Rotated the bulb back and forth about thirty times and eventually with a bit of patients it came out! Fnar fnar!

Will now let the business end of the fog unit soak for a few more hours to get rid of as much crust as poss and will try new bulb. Will let you know if it works?!?

Sing it from the hill tops cuase you cant get these for love nor money at breakers and Lexus want a mint for new.

Sorry forget used Cillit Bang in the mix every now and again, not sure if the vinegar or the Bang did the best job?

Old John what's 'is name off the advert will have to change his commercial to "BANG and Lexus are out of pocket!"

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