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The Lexus Curse Of Corroding Wheels.

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Hi All,

Finally found time today to wash my car since getting it. Under all the dirt and crap on the wheels - it has been corroding which after searching the forums it seems a common problem.


As its out of the warranty period, I guess I'll have to get it fixed myself.

So I was playing with photoshop and I think it would look cool to get the wheels refurbed and painted dark grey, wondered what everyone thought?





Had thought of replacing the wheels but the tyres are only a couple of months old.



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Think I might scrap this painting idea, found some old pics of mk2 alloys fitted to the mk1, mighty tempting.....



To me these look better by a country mile - will have to keep an eye on ebay for a bargain.

Don't forget these will corode as well. I have had 2 MK2's since 2003 and am just about to request my third set of replacement wheels ...

Have seen some chromed MK2 wheels advertised on ebay from US that look pretty sweet - anyone tried chroming in the UK?

I figure I'll be hanging on to my 05 and spending a bit of money on it, rather than trading in this year - be damned if I'm throwing more money Gordon Brown's way.

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I've just bought a new '07 RX-350. Can anyone tell me if those wheels corrode as well? Surelly not?? It's a 40k car! The sales droid never mentioned that the wheels would go rotten... gulp...

Unfortunately yes, all Toyota and Lexus alloy wheels suffer from this problem. They know about it but as it supposedly only occurs here (Something to do with stuff we put on our roads) they have decided it is cheaper to just replace any wheels that get affected no questions asked (Provided in warranty of course) than it is to alter the Alloy composition for their wheels.

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My SC is in for its service at the minute and whatever the coating is on the wheel inserts has started to lift and there is some evidence of pitting on the wheels, I've asked them to look at these, so far nothing back but due to get the car back next week so we'll see. I had new sets of wheels on both my IS and RX so not wholly unexpected.

The Mk1 looks good with the Mk2 wheels.

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I don't think your RX300 wants grey wheels - but you're on the right track!

There is a man with a van who will come to your house and respray you wheels - they will look like new.

He can also fix any chips you may have from kerbing.

He takes each wheel off, masks the tyre and sprays the wheel. Doesn't take long.

My neighbour had his X5 wheels done - looks a treat now!

Nice looking car you have though. Mine is the same year, 130k and still like new!


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