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Kamaza 2 Exhaust: Review


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Kazama 2 full Stainless Steel Cat-back Exhaust £305.00 (vat + shipping included)

The product:

The quality of materials and workmanship is very high. The welds are all very tidy. The system fitted to the car with no problems and it really looks good on the vehicle. BTW there are no clearance issues if you have the Lexus bodykit fitted. 4.5" Jap style tail exiting at a slight angle to the rear.

The sound:

At idle it has a very low note, just a slight rumble. On normal driving it has a constant deep rumble which sounds really good and in no way intrusive. Motorway is the same story - just a light buzz from the rear but on acceleration it truly sounds fantastic! A real throaty bark which gets better and better as the revs rise! It has a nice low burble on over-run too. The exhaust can be really loud if you want it to be or it can be really quiet if you want it to be. The sound really depends on how you drive it.

I was apprehensive about fitting a sports exhaust, the whole boy racer thing, but this is an excellent piece of kit and it really adds to your driving experience.


Definitely has more grunt.

Highly recommended in my book. And I'm not easy to please.

If you want one speak to Mr Dave at ProLex

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