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badge or de-badge  

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  1. 1. DO you like the de-badged look?

    • No, leave them alone
    • just take off the LEXUS like I did?
    • Take em all off...

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I have finally got my slot with the guy I know doing the od cash paint job... :winky:

I have had front bumper, roof, rear quarters (had a parking incident on pasenger side :blush: ) rear bumper and boot lid.

The reason for the boot lid was that some :tsktsk: hole reversed into me on the car park at work and dinked the LEXUS badge such that the paint cracked under the badge, knackered the badge also.

Anyway I decided to have the LEXUS badge removed and just the L in the centre put back.

What do you folks think?

I like it :D


And for good measure, as I've sold my bike I thought I'd take a photoof both my girls... sorry to see the bike go, but glad the Lex is staying.


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Was going to " convert" my Celsior to Lexus but discovered that the centre boot Toyota badge has 3 locating pins which fit into plastic inserts fitted in the boot lid which would have meant filler and a paint job.

Also the front grill only accepts the "T" badge.

I've never seen another Celsior on the road so I'll keep the uniqueness with the luxury of Lexus underneath.

With nobody knowing what the car is I still get the satisfaction of leaving the GTI/VTI boys perplexed from the lights when they sit in lane 2 and I've gone before they let the clutch out!

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Keep the badges and get LS400 for the right of the boot. I will make it look newer!

Your clear indicators at the front and the the clear lights at the back, where did you get them from?

Thanks Alan.

That's an option I didn't add to the poll.... add extra badges! :D

PM'd you about the lights.

For some unknown reason I all ways seem to take the badges off cars, I'm tempted to take the front one out of the grill too... involves quite a lot of re-engineering the plastics though then re-painting, tempted... :winky:

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