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Door Left Open

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One of the lads left the passenger door open last night, 7:00. Spotted it today 10:15

No joy at the remote to close or open nor to start not a dicky bird.

Checked the Battery with a voltmeter - 7.3 volts!

Why does leaving the door open completely flatten a Battery that is always tip top?

I had heard all sorts of stuff about stereos and remotes and security being screwed with taking the Battery out so I decided to go for the jump start option.

Ran up the old van and got it started.

The internal boot catch would not pop the boot.

Anyway I left the car running and locked and came back later to turn it off. I had checked that the Battery was taking 13 V with everything off the 13vV with the AC and radio on so it looks like it is charging OK.

I have to drive to Brighton tomorrow what are the chances of it starting OK?


1) Why did it go flat?

2) Is it going to behave in all respects in the morning?

I need some direction here...Please.

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