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I thought i would strip down my dash clocks to remove a rather annoying bug that had lodged itself under the rev counter.

All went well, it was delightfully simple for a high tech car..... until i reinstalled it and the 'D' or drive indicator light did not illuminate, although the rest did.

I have checked the bulb and the connections seem fine.

Any ideas gratefully received.

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Your connections may seem fine but is the actual bulb fine? It could just be a simple case of a blown bulb.

I have seen one or 2 people replace the entire lot with bright LED's for a fresh look to the dash. Looking at doing that myself at some stage.

Fancy writing a few instructions on how you removed the dash?


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As i said, the filament of the bulb was not broken although that is not to say the bulb isn't faulty.

Couldn't be simpler to remove clocks.

First drop steering wheel to lowest position then pop the dimmer dial panel off towards you with a blunt plastic tool. Release multiplug.

You will then see the 2 lower screws (the 2 uppers have access holes) Undo all four and use plastic tool to work dials toward you and release 3 multiplugs. Job done! :)

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Fixed! It was the bulb in the end. I suppose that's only right as that bulb gets used the most.

Im interested to know HOW you fixed this in the end. It may seem like a silly question but there are various different versions out there as to whats really behind the dash - bulbs or LED's, fuses linked to them, soldered in etc etc.

Any chance you could let us know what type of bulb it was? And how you replaced it, soldering or just plug in?

Basically, if i was replace all or most of the bulbs in my dash, how hard a job would it be doing the actual bulbs themselves?

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