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Diy Cam / Timing Belt Change - Help Needed


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I want to change my '99 IS200 Sport cam belt, with the help of a friend who is a mechanic.

Does anyone have a procedure to work on as a guide, or anyone done this before I could ask a few questions?

Does anyone have the timing information for setting it up again?


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i have done it before with a mechanic mate.

Relatively straight forward i guess.

We took off the radiator to get more room, drained the coolant into a bucket to re use later.

one word of advice, if you do decide to take the cambelt tensioner off of the block make sure you put an allen key or something similar in the hole on the front. Otherwise you aint getting it back on!!!!!

Can't remember how we done the whole thing, i could talk through what i remember but i don't want to miss something out and have you :tsktsk: it up!

Jason :P

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Well thats mine fitted now too, with the help of my mechanic friend. Did the belt and tensioner assembly.

Had to remove the radiator too, so a pnematic gun could be fitted to get the crank pulley off. It was so tight. At least thats my coolant replaced now too :D

We used the Lexus CD off Ebay to confirm the timing/alignment marks.

Only thing I wish I did now was replace the drive belts for the A/C and water pump at the same time. You're taking them off anyway, and they don't cost much if you fit new ones at the same time. Mine were looking pretty dry and cracked after 90,000 miles.


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