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Think of the nectar points :D

:D LOL at Winnie :D

Anyway, high octaine only really helps if the engine and ignition is set up for it.

It's a great way to squeze a bit more cash out of the modified corsa masif though :winky:

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300 to a tank! Cripes, you must fill up a bit often.

I use the cheapest 95 octane unleaded, often from tescos.

I get well over 400 to a tank, but I do put between 70 and 75 litres into it each time. You can do a good 60 miles with the light on.

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On motorway runs fuel consumption is very good on my 99 LS (29/30 mpg and over) but around town is a killer. In the heavy London traffic which can more than often be stand-still (and the air con running in summer) I only get 240 miles to a full tank.

Regardless I always user the super petrol. I looked up the Lexus factory manual for the 98+ LS400 and it recommends that the 1uzfe vvti should be run on 96 octane minimum. Normal unleaded is only 95 octane. I've found shell V-Power (which is a 99 RON) to be quite good.

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